• TAKII 22 Is HERE!!

    TAKII 22 Is HERE!!

    Entry (via a #1 Contender's Pass) for TAKII 22 ~It's Morphin Time!~ is only $25.00 (unless you have saved money by pre-regging, of course ^_*) & that covers the ENTIRE WEEKEND (January 7th & 8th, 2017)! Before you come ready to share in some holiday hijinks with your TAKII Family, please be sure to download your copy of our NEWLY UPGRADED Hardcore Handbook! Oh, & be sure to bring some extra money to buy the Asian-themed swag you didn't get during Christmas or Hannukah (LOL).

  • Win Big (Upgraded Prizes) At TAKII 22!!

    Win Big (Upgraded Prizes) At TAKII 22!!

    Thanks to the generous support of a Team TAKII Sponsor, we have SERIOUSLY UPGRADED our 4 main prizes for our biggest talent & game shows this season. Prizes include:

    - 1 year subscription for each of the following: Crunchyroll, Xbox Live, & PSN Plus (1 prize per winner)
    - Fan choice of the following: Supersonic SC-1911 19-Inch 1080p LED Widescreen HDTV with HDMI Input (AC/DC Compatible), PS3, or Xbox 360

    All prizes have the potential to be awarded during festivities such as the "TAKII 22 Show", "Last Otaku Standing", "Gaming LIVE On PPV", & MORE, so be ready to be LEGENDARY at TAKII 22 ~It's Morphin Time!~!!

  • Meet TAKII 22's Guests & Performers!

    Meet TAKII 22's Guests & Performers!

    TAKII 22 ~It's Morphin Time!~ features 1 of the largest & strongest talent rosters this fusion festival has ever had the pleasure of putting together! Read all about our "Charity Beneficiaries" (The Foundation & Project "DATTE" Awards Recipients), "Brand-New Debuts" (Lemonjolly, Angie & Mommy Cosplay, Sing Sing Revolution, & OVERIT!), & "Returning Legends" (D-chan, Dokudel, Trish Tilapia, Manly Battleships, & The Mint Maid Café) before you get lit with us this weekend!

  • Axelrod & Ryan Won't Be @ TAKII 22

    Axelrod & Ryan Won't Be @ TAKII 22

    Due to moving across the country around the time TAKII 22 was to take place, Cris Ryan (a former guest sensei for Philly's Next Top Cosplayer) is unable to be with us this season. In the case of Robert Axelrod (VA of Lord Zedd of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fame), he is unable to attend TAKII 22 due to a serious emergency medical matter. Read up on this story at our "TAKII Forum".

  • Team TAKII's Blasting Off AGAIIIIN!

    Team TAKII's Blasting Off AGAIIIIN!

    Each season of The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational wouldn’t be possible without not only our fans, but the Team TAKII Coalition, as well. To become a volunteer, sponsor, or a more dedicated supporter, fill out a "Coalition App" today. Domo arigatou, minna-san! ^_^

  • The Birth Of An Empire: PDNMZ!

    The Birth Of An Empire: PDNMZ!

    It all started as the dream of a Bishoujo Senshi SailorMoon fanatic & now it has morphed into an Asian culture fandom phenomenon....it’s Prince Diamond’s NegaMoon Zone! The enigmatic PDNMZ Empire is forever, for always, for YOU!


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