Evolving beyond your typical video game happening at like-minded functions, The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational proudly presents its "Gaming Festivities"! With its beginnings rooted in TAKII ~Ichiban~, "Gaming Festivities" has grown to encompass the most eclectic mix of games & competitions around. As supported by its fabulous Team TAKII Sponsors & Affiliates, fusion festival fans have been able to enjoy festivities like "Gaming Live On PPV", "Capcom Showdown SmackDown!", "Gaming Free Play", & "Heroes Of Might & MTG", all in a high-tech, lounge-like setting (with HD-TVs, surround sound, & much more)! Earning a championship is only as valuable as the competition is hard -- & TAKII guarantees all of its fans an opportunity to experience epic gaming awesomeness. For now, let's check out what "Gaming Festivities" await you, the TAKII faithful, this upcoming season:




You aren't proven to be a true gamer until you have competed against the best of the best....against true kings among gaming kings.....& claimed your dominance in a TAKII-sponsored gaming tournament! "Gaming Tourneys" promises to be 1 of the hottest sets of competitions this season, with tournaments going on all-TAKII-long & ranging from the genres of fighting to racing to puzzle & everything in-between. HD TVs & sound systems will be on tap for your pleasure. You can only enter yourself once per tourney, but you may enter as many actual tourneys as you'd like! A complete list of tourneys & rules will not be made public until the release of this season's Hardcore Handbook. However, we do encourage you to check out our list of "Gaming Free Play" games & make every effort to practice 'till those thumbs get too sore to score!

Close your eyes & think of how it would be to put WWE WrestleMania, SummerSlam, Royal Rumble, TNA Slammiversary, ECW Heat Wave, & any other big professional wrestling happening together from an entertainment perspective. Now, add in some Asian fusion festival flare, a "TAKII-Tron" theatre-wide mondo projection, guest commentary, & you get the entertainment spectacle that is TAKII 24's "Gaming Live On PPV: Curses Of "VS""! Anyone with a #1 Contender's Pass, humongous ego, the ability to entertain, & the passion to be "The Game" & the very best in video gaming is encouraged to take part in this gaming exhibition of epic proportions!

Here's how it's gonna work, minna-san: participants will be split up into 4 teams of equal size, each of whom will get to have their own name, entrance theme music, & staging (lighting, fog machine, etc., just like on professional wrestling). Afterwards, contestants & fans alike will be introduced to our special guest ring announcer & commentators & the games will begin! A TAKII fan will be chosen at random to select 2 teams that will select representatives to battle each other in a game of the fan's choosing (this season, it's any game with "VS" in its title, ie: Marvel VS Capcom 3). For each battle, the winning team earns a point, while the losing team either loses a point, or has to drop a player from their team if they don't want to lose a point. The cycle continues until time runs out, or there is only 1 team left standing. When all is said & done, the most successful team will be crowned our "Gaming Live On PPV: Curses Of "VS"" World Champions!


A game that has been known for as much of its ups as well as downs, TAKII 24 brings that same excitement, comedy, revelation, & drama to what we like to call "HUZZAH: The Even More New "PYL (Press Your Luck)""! Participants will be split up into equal teams, all of whom will duel against their counterparts from the opposing teams to go head-to-head in a series of video gaming-related challenges. For each challenge a team is able to complete, they will earn themselves a certain amount of spins on our TAKII Press Your Luck Wheel. The wheel itself will be covered with point values & bonuses, but also the perilously infamous whammy (which will zap all of your accumulated points). Multiple rounds will be played & when all is said & done, the team with the most points when time runs out will be declared the winner!


Whether you need practice for 1 of the upcoming tournaments, or just want to play with friends, family, or fellow otaku & Asian music fans,  TAKII 24's "Gaming Free Play" is just the place for you! With a massive library of games to choose from, spanning multitudes of the gaming industry's top consoles ever, as well as some surprises from previous gaming generations, there will constantly be something for you to play! As you are "playing, or being played", games will be played on brand-new, large, flat-screen HD TVs with high-grade surround sound, in a laid-back/lounge-type setting. To get an offical listing of the games that will be awaiting your arrival at TAKII 24, download your copy of this season's Hardcore Handbook today!