The primary, event-oriented foundation of The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational comes by way of our "Music Festivities"! Since 2006, "the world's most extreme Asian culture fusion festival" has featured some of the most dynamic & enigmatic events in this genre of Asian culture fandom appreciation, including the über-sexy "TAKII Show", "SeraMyu Selects", "Ota-Rave", "Say WTF Karaoke", & "Makenai: Fusion Charity Benefit Concert", among others. Our unique blend of musicality with a heaping helping of TAKII charm has produced countless priceless moments for attendees & guests/performers alike, including Natsuo Kimura's 1st acoustic concert on the USA's East Coast, TAKII Show Champs becoming future guest performers, & so much more! For this brand-new season of The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational, let's check out what "Music Festivities" the passionate TAKII faithful can expect to eagerly anticipate:



The world's most extreme Asian culture fusion festival" wouldn't be complete without its very 1st festivity (& most popular), the "often imitated, but never duplicated" "TAKII 24 Show"! Known as a premier Asian-themed vocal & talent contest in the realm of Asian culture fandom & respected for its lyric-free & Asian language focus, this season's version of the "TAKII 24 Show" will feature contestants battling it out in 4 rounds of chaotic awesomeness, including:

          o Contestants perform a song of their own choosing.
          o Contestants perform a song as chosen by a guest judge(s).
          o Contestants show off their hidden talents....with some "help" (^_^).
          o Contestants get a crash course Asian MV dance lesson.

There will be 4 very special judges, all experts in their fields, adding their own brand of "constructive criticism" to the mix. Scores will be based on a combination of a judge's numeric evaluation & audience support/applause. Reasons why a contestant's score can drop include, but are not limited to, the song not being in an Asian language, using lyrics when not permitted to do so, non-compliance with time limits, & lack of stage presence. Upon conclusion of the "TAKII 24 Show", the fans in attendance will choose who they believe should be crowned the ultimate winner. Then, the judges will add up their scores & declare who THEY think should the the "Show"'s winner. In the event that the audience & judges disagree on a winner, a super-secret & dramatic OMAKE ROUND will commence to break the tie. Once an "Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational 24 Show" Champion is crowned, the winner shall receive some sweet swag from this season's sponsors/affiliates & get the opportunity to perform during our "Makenai: Fusion Charity Benefit Concert"! With the competition already heating up in the months leading up to TAKII 24 ~The Power Of Love~ (as can been seen on all of TAKII's modes of "Social Network Outreach"), this is one "TAKII Show" you will NOT want to miss for the world!


"Makenai" is the Japanese word for "I will not lose", or "I will not give up". It also appropriately describes the soulful vibe of TAKII's "Makenai: Fusion Charity Benefit Concert"! Featuring the musical stylings of this season's esteemed guests & performers for the 5th season in a row, audience members will be treated to C-Rock solos, J-Pop duets, acoustic remixes, K-Rap rips, & festival frenzy as only "the house of hardcore Asian music" can provide. During the entire "Makenai Concert" (as well as throughout the rest of TAKII 24), we'll be educating TAKII faithful about the selfless aspirations of & accepting donations (of all kinds) for this season's "Charity Beneficiaries". In anticipation of your participation in "Makenai", we've got 2 words for ya....DOMO ARIGATOU!


In Japan, it's known as "Isu Tori Game". In Thailand, it's known as "Kao'ee Dontri". In America, it's known as "Musical Chairs". At TAKII 24, its fans will know it as "Last Otaku Standing", our extreme twist on a tried & true classic game of epic proportions! Participants will be in it for themselves, as they each bring their #1 Contender's Passes & a seat around the Main Stage -- each seat will have, underneath it, an especially-hilarious, musically-related task. Before the music starts, a seat will be randomly pulled, meaning someone will be left without a chair (DUH, lol). When the music starts, everyone will be walking around the chair, jockeying for position by any means necessary -- as when the music stops, everyone music immediately sit down, with the person left out being asked to walk away, empty-handed. This cycle repeats itself until there is 1 chair left & that last person must perform that special task under their chair! In a special twist of events, the TAKII fans in attendance will then judge if they adequately accomplished the mysterious task & should win, or if everyone who previously got knocked out should get the prize instead!! So, just who will be crowned TAKII 24's "Last Otaku Standing" Champ? I guess you'll just have to wait & see.... ^_*.


There is only 1 way to cap off a perfect weekend & end a fusion festival such as TAKII 24, & that is to bask in the afterglow of our awesome "Ota-Rave ~PDNMZ: Asian Multimedia Entertainment Network (AMEN) LiVE~"! If you are familiar with the rave from other previous live PDNMZ DJ-ed events, then you know that this is 1 dance that you know you aren't going to wanna miss! Guest DJs will be spinning some of the hottest tracks from the continent of Asia, as well as taking some of your live playlist requests. TAKII guests, performers, & fans-alike will rave with glo-sticks, dance, release their inhibitions, & express themselves in extreme TAKII fashion. Throw in the dance craze known as "TAKII Rhythm D-Generates" & we have ourselves the making of a fabulous festivity!


Get up in front of all of your friends, or random strangers (^_^), & sing to your hearts content, sans heartache! "Say WTF Karaoke" is a spin-off from the wildly popular MTV show that brought vocal joy to the shores of Cancun, Mexico & points all over the world. You may provide your own songs or you can rely on The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational's massive library of Asian-themed music, consisting of hundreds of thousands of songs (Asian Pop standards, anime, video game, etc.) to choose from! Also, feel free to utilize TAKII's available instruments & lyrics (or bring your own) to assist you in bringing your "WTF" performance to life. Be extreme!