Behind every great season that is The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational is a wonderful group of Team TAKII Coalition Members (volunteers, sponsors, & affiliates) who spearhead & proudly produce our "Vendor Festivities"! Festivity mainstays, such as "Community Centrale" & "Dealer's Dominion", are favorite destinations for all TAKII fanatics that seek the best fan community interaction & selection of swag in all of Asian-themed culture fandom! With new festivity initiatives like "Project "DATTE" (Delivering Assistance To The Extreme)" & "Auction Royale", it is certainly safe to say that there will always be something different for everyone to enjoy at every season of TAKII's "Vendor Festivities". For this dynamically-sensational edition of "the world's most extreme Asian culture fusion festival", let's take a moment to preview the greatness that awaits us all this season:



Making its return in time for TAKII 24 ~The Power Of Love~, The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational proudly & humbly presents to the world "Project "DATTE" (Delivering Assistance To The Extreme)"! It's "the world's most extreme Asian culture fusion festival"'s answer to your typical host club auction, but with some exciting twists & turns. How it works is fairly simple: TAKII will rely on nominations from its fans (through email, our official "Forum", etc.) regarding which individuals or smaller groups (as compared to larger, standard "Charity Beneficiaries") would stand to benefit the most from personalized, substantial support from the festival & its Team TAKII Sponsors & Affiliates (which could come in the form of everything from industry donations, food donations, exclusive trips, & everything-in-between ^_^). Afterwards, all Team TAKII Coalition Members will debate & vote on which individual(s)/group(s) will become our "Project "DATTE"" Awards Recipient(s). Those Awards Recipients will then be honored on the official TAKII website, in addition to live at the festival itself, & will be presented with their "Project "DATTE"" swag! To insure "Project "DATTE"" endures for this & future seasons of our festival, we lovingly encourage everyone to become Team TAKII Coalition Members today!!!!


Get that rare Genesis game you have always been looking for, or that new Hellsing Ultimate plushie that they just put out; the "Dealer's Dominion" at TAKII 24 is yours for the taking (err...buying ^_^)! All seasons of our fusion festival guarantee you, the dealer, access to the most extreme & dedicated Asian culture fans in the world today, giving your brand optimum exposure to this very important demographic. For all of you fans, this means that you get to buy some awesome swag for some bargain prices! If you would like to become a "Dealer's Dominion" participant, please make sure that you visit TAKII's "Registration" as soon as possible. Table Slots for the "Dominion" are only available on a 1st-come, 1st-served, limited basis. A full listing of our "Dealer's Dominion" participants can be found in the "TAKII Forum" & our Hardcore Handbook!


Just like most everything else, The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational is always looking for new ways to push the envelope, or raise the bar of excellent for one's fan experience. With that being said, TAKII 24 is going to be bringing back the portion of the festival we all like to call "Community Centrale"! This piece of programming at TAKII will only be as good as YOU, the TAKII faithful, make it. In what can be considered an artist alley hybrid, "Community Centrale" will be your chance to show off your stuff, promote your club, sell artwork, debut a documentary, & much more! Space for this sort of thing is limited, so the sooner you get yourselves over to the "Registration" section of the TAKII website & register for a Slot, the more likely you are at securing yourselves a spot. A full listing of our participants can be found in the "TAKII Forum" & our Hardcore Handbook!


In honor of Game Center Crown (the arcade most frequented by Usagi & her Senshi allies), The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational is proud to unveil Asian festival fandom's 1ST-EVER "Game Center Crown Juice Bar"! All of our drug & alcohol free mixes, named after icons from the Bishoujo Senshi SailorMoon series, will feature the most vibrant flavors from the Far East, West Philadelphia, & everywhere else in-between. A full menu of "Game Center Crown Juice Bar" offerings will be made available upon the release of our seasonal Hardcore Handbook, but feel free to check out our "TAKII Forum" in the meanwhile & suggest some drink concoctions of your own!


With "Raffle Royale", you have an opportunity to get that awesome swag you saw at "Dealer's Dominion" (or as provided by this season's Team TAKII Sponsors & Affiliates), but for only a fraction of the cost! Tickets can be purchased from designated areas located at TAKII 24's venue at a bargain of $1.00 per ticket. Drawings will be held periodically throughout the duration of the fusion festival, with no limit being placed on how much you can win. To make things even more interesting, if you win & are able to correctly answer an Asian culture trivia question, then you get your ticket recycled for the next drawing! Can YOU handle the awesomeness that is "Raffle Royale"!? Ganbatte, minna-san!!


As 1 of The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational's newest traditions, "Auction Centrale" gives fusion festival fanatics amazing opportunities to wager their hard-earned money on collections of items, with a portion of the proceeds going towards our "Charity Beneficiaries" for TAKII 24 ~The Power Of Love~! With bidding being hosted by this season's various guests & performers, "Auction Centrale" is the perfect way to round out one's TAKII experience. If you would like a sneak peak at some of the items you could win (or perhaps donate some items of your own), check out our "Auction Royale" discussion thread on the "TAKII Forums" ASAP!!