Pocky? $3.00. Ramuné? $4.00. BSSM DVDs? $24.00. Moments with our eclectic set of "Guests & Performers"? PRICELESS, minna-san!!!!


Giving back to communities of all shapes & sizes is 1 of the many things that we're proud about when it comes to the legacy of The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational. While dedicating ourselves to the needs of others happens all-year-round, we pay special attention to a few groups in particular for each season of TAKII, known as "Charity Beneficiaries". Just how do we determine which organization(s) to support each season? Using a combination of recommendations from Team TAKII Memberspersonal testimonials from TAKII fans worldwide, Team TAKII Coordinators then convene a meeting to see which one(s) needs & goals fit into our very own capabilities & aspirations. Ranging from Asian-themed international organizations to local community groups & everything-in-between, "Charitiy Beneficiaries" have all been able to benefit in a variety of ways through our unique & innovative methods of sponsorship & service. Even attendees of The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational have been able to get in on the giving action, taking part in a wide variety of our festivies geared specifically towards raising funds & awareness for that season's "Charity Beneficiaries"!



From the home-grown to the world-renouned, The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational plays host to the most eclectic set of guests & performers Asian culture fandom has ever seen! With "Brand-New Debuts", TAKII fans are introduced to the newest celebs in our midst through detailed bios, personal quotes, multimedia presentations, & more. While being a "Brand-New Debut" would mean that they haven't ever been a guest, or performer at a season of TAKII, this special brand of collective talents are always more than ready to get their feet wet & hands dirty as they celebrate Asian culture fandom "to the extreme" with their most passionate admirers, TAKII fanatics!




The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational is deeply honored when each season guests & performers from all realms within Asian culture fandom request to appear & interact with "the world's most extreme fusion festival". With "Returning Legends", TAKII fans are given more of a reason to rejoice when some of their favorite musicians, industry professionals, & celebs from past seasons of TAKII come back for yet another round of celebratory excellence! It's no secret that "star power" seems to be a heavily-respected component to many other like-minded events & conventions, compelling con-goers to attend just because their favorite personality will be "there". When it comes to TAKII, however, that energy works in reverse & reciprocal order, with guests & performers desiring to attend additional seasons of our festival just as much as our frenzied fans want to see them there once more!



They are superstars of stage & screen. They are local celebrities who make their home town's proud. Most importantly of all, they all desire a taste of "the extreme" at The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational as 1 of our esteemed guests, or performers! What sets this fusion festival apart from other like-minded functions when it comes to assembling an awesome guest line-up is that we offer an unparalleled experience with our fanatic fans shared by both performers & TAKII-goers alike. With our "Guest & Performer Apps", you take that 1st über-important step in becoming 1 of the many invitees that have graced "the house of hardcore Asian fandom" & help us in constructing 1 marvelous season after another. Check out our "Historic Archives" for info on guests & performers who have already appeared & enjoyed working with us!