With "Brand-New Debuts", TAKII fans are introduced to the newest celebs in our midst through detailed bios, personal quotes, multimedia presentations, & more. While being a "Brand-New Debut" would mean that they haven't ever been a guest or performer at a season of TAKII, these special brands of collective talents are always more than ready to get their feet wet & hands dirty as they celebrate Asian culture fandom "to the extreme" with their most passionate admirers, TAKII fanatics! For TAKII 21, we say "HAJIMEMASHITE" to some very special guests:



"The Mint Maid (formerly The Mint Chokoreto Meido) Café is Philadelphia's 1st mobile & traveling maid café. Established in 2014, our 1st events were small meet-ups & promotional outings. As time went on, we flourished into traveling to many larger festivals & conventions, with TAKII 21 ~Anniversary~ being our latest stop! And seeing as how this fusion festival was the home of the Greater Philadelphia area's 1st full-scale "anime con" maid café in 2013 (at TAKII 16 ~Cho-ho-ho-cobo~), The Mint Maid Café promises to enhance an already legendary lineage. We celebrate all walks of Asian culture fandom & we're ready to welcome you with open arms to an authentic maid café experience that is sure to be 2nd to none!"



"As the name suggests, this is an up & coming burlesque troupe for the impure of heart, the scintillating sinners, debaucherous dames, & naughty nerds of all genders & orientations. We specialize in Nerdlesque & our acts vary with diverse styles of dancing, comedic skits, cosplay, kink, & nerd humor (with a side of education)! Pleasant Nightmare Burlesque strives to do more than just put on great performances (which we can guaranDAMNtee we'll do at TAKII 21 ~Anniversary~). We want to have our audiences leave our shows feeling better about themselves than they did when they came in. We want them to learn something new or have their eyes opened to a new point of view....but most importantly, we want them to know that they are beautiful, inside & out".