With "Brand-New Debuts", TAKII fans are introduced to the newest celebs in our midst through detailed bios, personal quotes, multimedia presentations, & more. While being a "Brand-New Debut" would mean that they haven't ever been a guest or performer at a season of TAKII, these special brands of collective talents are always more than ready to get their feet wet & hands dirty as they celebrate Asian culture fandom "to the extreme" with their most passionate admirers, TAKII fanatics! For TAKII 22, we say "HAJIMEMASHITE" to some very special guests:



Robert Axelrod has carved a career in show business that runs the gamut. Born & raised in New York City, he did commercials & theater as a child & teen, eventually ending up in the Soho Avant-Garde Theater scene in a show called Little Trips, then Off-Broadway in a play called The Destroyers. Axelrod then left acting for the world of music. He spent 8 years as a working rock musician playing electric bass & singing in Folk, Rock, & Soul bands. Music brought him to Los Angeles where he decided to return to acting, a decision he never regrets.

Since then, Mr. Axelrod has appeared in over 30 feature films including 4 with Charles Bronson, the Sci-Fi hit remake The Blob with Kevin Dillon, & many others. Television appearances include guest star roles on Amazing Stories, Star Trek Voyager, Tim & Eric’s Awesome Show, & Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. He also starred in the Michael Jackson music video “Stranger In Moscow” & is in the soon-to-be-released horror dark comedy, The Revenant.

Mr. Axelrod is also a busy voice over artist. He is the voice of Lord Zedd & Finster on the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The Lord Zedd voice is 1 of the most recognizable character voices around. He voiced Armadillomon & Wizardmon on Digimon, Microchip, The Punisher’s sidekick, on Spiderman, Rico on Robotech, & has voiced countless anime features including Akira, The Big O, Cowboy Bebop, Brain Scratch, & many more. As Lord Zedd, he starred in both the 1st Power Rangers feature film & the wildly popular live show that toured the country. Mr. Axelrod was a regular character on Saban Entertainment’s Wowser series (as Ratso Catso), Journey To The Heart Of The World (as Scarface), Hallo Spencer (as Elmer), & more. He just finished narrating the mockumentary Safety First: The Rise Of Women & voicing 4 anime series: Gaiking, Danguard Ace, Captain Harlock, The Adventures Of Nadja, & Fist Of The North Star. TAKII is beyond honored that Robert Axelrod has chosen "the world's most extreme Asian culture fusion festival" to make his Philly festival/con circuit debut at!



Christopher Gerard Ryan (born November 21st, 1990), better known as Cris Ryan, is an American artist & designer. After receiving his Cosmetology license in early 2010, he collaborated with television personality ZNS (Michael William Ryan) during his participation in Kuaile Nansheng (Happy Boy/Super Boy). Cris' designs were featured in various variety shows around China, such as CCTV's Chinese Bridge Competition. During this time, Cris achieved international popularity for his experimental designs inspired by video games from Square Enix & Nintendo, as well as from the following mentionable designers: Thiery Mugler, Gareth Pugh, & Alexander McQueen.

Cris continues his artistry in New York city, where he has collaborated with various musicians, such as Sol Ardour & Kento Iwasaki. In October 2012, Cris debuted his very 1st ready-to-wear clothing line. A year later, he hit the world up again with his Spring/Summer collection, titled Mourning Past. Early 2013 also featured the launch of AUGURY, a fashion collective directed by Cris, & 2015 gave birth to his Pokémon-inspired brand aptly named CAPUMON. A former Philly's Next Top Cosplayer guest sensei whose avant-garde fashion sense is 2nd-to-none, Cris Ryan hopes to be an artistic inspiration to all of TAKII 22 ~It's Morphin Time!~'s attendees!