With "Brand-New Debuts", TAKII fans are introduced to the newest celebs in our midst through detailed bios, personal quotes, multimedia presentations, & more. While being a "Brand-New Debut" would mean that they haven't ever been a guest or performer at a season of TAKII, these special brands of collective talents are always more than ready to get their feet wet & hands dirty as they celebrate Asian culture fandom "to the extreme" with their most passionate admirers, TAKII fanatics! For TAKII 22, we say "HAJIMEMASHITE" to some very special guests:



Lemonjolly, an animator, an artist, an illustrator, a J-Pop/anime singer, a (Japanese) lyricist, ALSO a fan-dub (Cantonese) voice actress, a cosplayer, & a costume maker. She already had 10 years of drawing & singing experiences; she sings in various contests & conventions, also known as "Lemon". This treat, who is too sweet to be sour, is proud to bring her flare for excellence to TAKII 22 ~It's Morphin Time!~!





Angie & Mommy Cosplay is a mother-daughter cosplay duo that has cosplaying together for the last 3 1/2 years. Their adventures began at TAKII 15 ~GlamazASIANS~ when they 1st debuted as Super Sailor Moon & Super Sailor Chibi Moon. Ever since, they have attended TAKII with a new set of cosplays & occasionally have performed in "Cosplay Battle Royale" together. For TAKII 22 ~It's Morphin Time!~, Angie & Mommy Cosplay would like to perform another 1 of their short 5 minute cosplay skits, possibly joined by Chaos Of Converse Cosplay. It will be another Black Butler skit, only this time, Angie will be appearing as Sebastian Michaelis & Mommy will be appearing as Grell Sutcliff. If their accolades from previous seasons of The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational are any indication, Angie & Mommy Cosplay is sure to not disappoint the TAKII Family worldwide!


Governed by the motto of "Changing the name of the game", Sing Sing Revolution (name inspired by 1 of the best games of all time: DDR) is a New Jersey-based, multi-lingual group of vocal talent fueled by the wonders of pop culture & animation. First formed by SSR’s passionate group director, Angele Joubert-Johnson, this emerging sensation is eager to make their unique mark in the music world. A singer with the Glory Gospel Singers, Angele has used her experience as her muse to create what is now a far more musically eclectic assemblage that tastefully dabbles in the genres of Rock, Gospel, Pop, Ballad, Metal, & even Rap. In addition to English, these talented vocalists sing in Japanese, German, Latin, & Russian.

Whether their powerful arrangements are infused with sci-fi, cartoons, or video games, SSR is on a mission to creatively depict people’s most cherished memories in a truly 1-of-a-kind manner. What really sets them apart is their captivating harmonies that bring each & every arrangement to life. Both bold & tirelessly driven, Sing Sing Revolution aspires to travel across the globe so they can spread the universal language of music to as many people as possible. Sing Sing Revolution’s very 1st live performance will take place at TAKII 22 ~It's Morphin Time!~.


In their own words: "Welcome to OVERIT! -- a YouTube gaming channel where we discuss the fundamentals of the game Overwatch. We give introductions to characters, explain team compositions & strategies, & how to get better overall. We do this all while having fun & wrecking kids (#GETREKT)! Join us every Thursday for a new episode & weekends for Live Competitive Matches".

While the hosts of OVERIT! aren't strangers to TAKII, it will be the 1st time this duo (consisting of Volkie & Lala) will have done a LIVE edition of their nascent gaming show. The TAKII Family can't wait to see how this turns out!