With "Brand-New Debuts", TAKII fans are introduced to the newest celebs in our midst through detailed bios, personal quotes, multimedia presentations, & more. While being a "Brand-New Debut" would mean that they haven't ever been a guest or performer at a season of TAKII, these special brands of collective talents are always more than ready to get their feet wet & hands dirty as they celebrate Asian culture fandom "to the extreme" with their most passionate admirers, TAKII fanatics! For TAKII 24, we say "HAJIMEMASHITE" to some very special guests:



Jennifer Cihi is a Broadway & television star best known for being the singing voice of Sailor Moon (from the SailorMoon DiC franchise). Her voice is the one behind iconic songs such as "My Only Love" & "The Power Of Love". She was also in the Broadway National Tour of Annie & starred on the Nickelodeon series Roundhouse. Jennifer Cihi is so excited to be part of TAKII 24 & cannot wait to meet & perform for all of her Philly fans!





Stefanie DeLeo is a published & produced playwright & actress with a Master's Degree in theatre from New York University. Her play, Answer The Question, Iris, has been performed all over the United States & South Africa. Ms. DeLeo's latest published work is a piece in Chicken Soup For The Soul (Dreams & The Unexplained), chronicling her friendship with Jennifer Cihi (the vocalist behind the character Sailor Moon from the DiC dub). At TAKII 24 ~The Power Of Love~, Stefanie will share her knowledge of international copyright law & help the TAKII Family turn their fan fiction pieces into manuscripts that publishers will want to see!