While dedicating ourselves to the needs of others happens all-year-round, we pay special attention to a few groups in particular for each season of TAKII, known as "Charity Beneficiaries". Just how do we determine which organization(s) to support each season? Using a combo of recommendations from Team TAKII Memberspersonal testimonials from TAKII fans worldwide, Team TAKII Coordinators then convene a meeting to see which one(s) needs & goals fit into our very own capabilities & aspirations. Ranging from international organizations to local community groups & everything-in-between, "Charitiy Beneficiaries" have all been able to benefit in a variety of ways through our unique & innovative methods of sponsorship & service. Even attendees of The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational have been able to get in on the giving action, taking part in a wide variety of our festivities geared specifically towards raising funds & awareness for that season's "Beneficiaries"! For TAKII 24, we're proud to announce our support of the following entities:



"Project "DATTE" (Delivering Assistance To The Extreme)" Awards Recipients are families across the Greater Philadelphia area who embody the spirit of "Project "DATTE"" & are in need of some inspirational assistance in a variety of ways. More info on "Project "DATTE"" can be found on the "Vendor Festivities" page of our "Festivities" section. Those who desire to contribute their resources in order to make "Project "DATTE"" a success are encouraged to join the Team TAKII Coalition today! (^_^).




The Foundation, previously known as The Foundation Community Arts Initiative, is the organization responsible for The Rotunda, having proudly hosted countless seasons of The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational since 2007. It all began when the University Of Pennsylvania purchased what now is The Rotunda (formerly known as 1st Church Of Christ Scientist) in 1996 as a strategic acquisition tied to a large scale community investment strategy known as the West Philadelphia Initiatives. While pursuing redevelopment options, Penn’s real estate officials responded to the ideas put forth in a 1998 Urban Studies seminar led by Dr. Ira Harkavy & Dr. Lee Benson, which called for the formation of The Foundation Community Arts Initiative. By making space available in a portion of the building, The Foundation held their 1st event in 1999 producing a free, all ages, public Jazz concert.


Soon afterwards, The Foundation, led by Andrew Zitcer, began programming weekly events & monthly series, showcasing diverse groups of people through arts & culture experiences. The current Director for The Foundation, Gina Renzi, is the personification of public service & has been a friend of the fusion festival dating back to a chance meeting at an event held at The Rotunda in late 2005. And via our "TAKII: A Rotunda Beautification Project", we took TAKII fanatics on a tour of the entire Rotunda building (including its archaic-styled sanctuary) during TAKII 11 & announced that we'd volunteer more time & resources to improving the venue in a diverse set of ways, with an ultimate goal of someday taking the entire building over! May the beautiful relationship between The Foundation & TAKII continue for many years to come!