With "Returning Legends", TAKII fans are given more of a reason to rejoice when some of their favorite musicians, industry professionals, & celebs from past seasons of TAKII come back for yet another round of celebratory excellence! It's no secret that "star power" seems to be a heavily-respected component to many other like-minded events & conventions, compelling con-goers to attend just because their favorite personality will be "there". When it comes to TAKII, however, that energy works in reverse & reciprocal order, with guests & performers desiring to attend additional seasons of our festival just as much as our frenzied fans want to see them there once more! Thanks to the following "Returning Legends" for TAKII 24 ~The Power Of Love~, we'll be able to celebrate this iconic season in true "extreme" style unlike any other festival/con around:



D-chan is a Japanese-mixed male & professional Japanese/Korean vocal musician born on the 1st day of spring, March 20th, 1985. He has been singing since he was a lil boy, with his 1st recording being when he was in kindergarten at Manoa Elementary School in Havertown, PA, singing "10 Little Indians" ^_^. Since then, D-chan has moved on to become a major member of all the top vocal groups his academic career had to offer, which he has also been successful in as an adult. Among other milestones in his young vocal career, D-chan sang on the opening day of The Kimmel Center Of The Performing Arts in Philadelphia, PA, won various district & region-wide vocal festivals, & aided his vocal groups to gain top honors in vocal adjudications up & down the East Coast. He is also the 1 of the youngest-entering members ever of the Philadelphia Gay Men's Chorus & their auditioned group, Brotherly Love (both of which he had been a member of from 2003 - 2012). D-chan also has various singles & 2 demo albums ("Watashi Wa...." & "Ai no Chikara") to his credit, all of which are available for purchase at PDNMZ Shoppe X-Perience. As of 2017, D-chan will have performed multiple times on NBC's "10 Show @ 11am" (as a part of Brotherly Love) in Philadelphia, PA, at T-Mode 2008 in Arlington, VA, the GALA 2008 Festival in Miami, FL, & many other venues & events in multiple capacities, including the innovatively-extreme TAKII World Tour.


Further underscoring his commitment to causes greater than his own self interest, D-chan announced at the conclusion of TAKII 14 ~New Year's Evolution~ on December 29th, 2012 that he would be running for Upper Darby School Board to the cheers & adoration of TAKII fans in attendance & worldwide (in a bid to become Upper Darby, PA's youngest & 1st openly gay School Board member on a platform that includes LGBT youth tolerance & anti-bullying). After putting his political aspirations on hold, in 2015, D-chan would go on to become a twice-credentialed Certified Recovery Specialist (working with youth & families living with addiction-related challenges, in honor of his late brother (Allen) & father (John) that he had lost, within a week of each other, the year before). Making a lasting influential impression on people around the world, D-chan's emotive 24th season guest performance at TAKII is sure to touch you: mind, body, & soul.


Angie & Mommy Cosplay is a mother-daughter cosplay duo that has been cosplaying together for the last 4.5 years. Their adventures began at TAKII 15 ~GlamazASIANS~ when they 1st debuted as Super Sailor Moon & Super Sailor Chibi Moon. Ever since, they have attended each season of The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational with a new set of cosplays & occasionally have performed in “Cosplay Battle Royale” together. For TAKII 24 ~The Power Of Love~, Angie & Mommy Cosplay would like to perform another one of their short cosplay skits: it'll be the Black Butler skit -- Demon VS Reaper: Unwelcome Advances -- that was originally promised for TAKII 22 ~It’s Morphin Time!~. Angie will be appearing as Sebastian Michaelis & Mommy will be appearing as Grell Sutcliff. If their accolades from previous seasons of The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational are any indication, Angie & Mommy Cosplay will not disappoint!


The name on everyone’s mind, assuming you haven't lost your mind to begin with, is Trish Tilapia. A Slavic Latina whose face shines with beauty & a lashing, bladed tongue. Being born in Russia was rather tough on Trish considering most of the doctors were simply bears on unicycles. She decided to move to New Jersey (once upon a time) & begin her career in cosplay/drag....minus the unicycling bears. Her life is dedicated to showing her elegance, sexiness, & quick wit by any means necessary. Trish Tilapia has also performed & competed within previous iterations of the "TAKII Show" under her regular persona, Volkie (Steve, Sarah Palin, the list goes on). Victory in that & "Cosplay Battle Royale" helped transform this drag diva into the current queen everyone loves (to hate).


Officially christened at Otakon 2012, the Manly Battleships is a fun-loving group of guys & gals that swashbuckles their way up & down the east coast convention circuit. A mixture of veteran panelists, seasoned con attendees, & rough-&-ready programmers, the Fleet splits its time between performing amazing feats of panelistic genius & partying it up with other people on the convention scene. Ever mindful of their powerful abilities, the Fleet covers everything from the seriously academic, to the fun game show, to the downright absurd. A perfect fit for The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational indeed!