TAKII 10 ~Family Reunion~ took place from Philadelphia, PA's own The Rotunda on Thanksgiving Day weekend (November 27th & 28th), 2010 & celebrated the previous 9 seasons of "the world's most extreme Asian culture fusion festival" with a bright outlook on the future. Out of any season that was previously produced, it was probably the easiest to put together & produce. The challenge came, however, when we had to single out the best aspects of our festival & determine which ones would get spotlighted. Having been around for a few years up to that point, we had a wealth of memories (& for some, nightmares LOL) to choose from & special guests & performers to call on with 1 main goal in mind: to celebrate this 10th anniversary season "to the extreme" live NEVER before! TAKII 10 also featured 1 of our best done official flyers ever, incorporating mini-icons of each of our prior seasonal flyers on the backdrop of the Black Moon Clan from Bishoujo Senshi SailorMoon R. Of course the finer touches didn't end there, as the festival itself featured a comically-infused "TAKII 10 Show" leaving people in tears (from laughing so hard) & the debut of TAKII's 2nd-ever guest performer from Anime Expo Idol, former champ Mario Bueno! We also couldn't forget the touching performance by our own Sinh Synthetik during the "Makenai: Fusion Charity Benefit Concert" in what was billed as her "farewell" to the TAKII Family (Sinh later moved from PA down to FL) & her own heartfelt way to say "domo arigatou gozaimasu" for all of their years of support. Folks, that level of emotional intimacy The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational fosters can't ever be duplicated anyplace else & it was on fully display in our 10th seasonal celebration.

Once TAKII 10 ~Family Reunion~ concluded, I was personally sad to see it end? Why, would you ask? Because The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational, in a way, was my child that was growing up before my very own eyes! From our humble beginnings at the William Way Community Center our first 2 seasons to our continued support from The Rotunda every season thereafter, it was amazing to see where we had gone not only as this crazy group that loved to party in Asian culture fandom, but as an outreach organization that was in high-demand in the Greater Philadelphia area & well-beyond. We created our very own niche in what some could consider an over-saturated entertainment subculture, attracting people from all walks of life under a common love of life, liberty, & the pursuit of awesomely-TAKII-fied glory via a diverse collection of festivities people talk about for years after any given season concludes. It was also after this season that the strengths of Team TAKII Co-Coordinators became more refined & focused on the aspects of our Registration, Festivities, & Guests & Performers Coalitions, making planning for what was to become TAKII 11 ~Stage On!~ something we couldn't wait to get our Pocky-stained hands on & turn into another success for not only ourselves, but our beloved TAKII Family, as well ^_^.