On July 22nd, 2006, TAKII 2 ~Rebirth~ was held, & what a rebirth it was! Crowd attendance compared to last season tripled, which made all of the festival Co-Coordinators quite happy. Planning for this season was done quite a few months in advance, as compared to last season. TAKII for this season was once again held at the William Way Community Center in Philadelphia, PA. In additional to their various building amenities, William Way staff even allowed us to use a huge wide-screen television (which was totally unexpected, but greatly appreciated ^_^). TAKII 2 ~Rebirth~ enlisted the help of 4 very close friends (who also are members of a premier Anime/Asian music social club in PA, called "The Lost Otakus"), each of whom assisted in various portions of the day's success (including hosting Otaku Jeopardy, judging for the Asian Karaoke Idol Show, & much MORE). The TAKII 2 ~Rebirth~ webpage featured its season theme song, "Watashi-Tachi Ni Naritakute (Wanting To Be Together With You)" (by Fujitani Miwako, from SailorMoon SuperS), with its event curtain call song "Yume Warai ~Uhyo Uhyo~ (Laughing In My Dream ~Ha Ha~)" (by Yumiko Kobayashi, from Puni Puni Poemi).

What also made TAKII 2 ~Rebirth~ so special was the fact that we had special guest performers by the name of Prism, a live-action SailorMoon performance group! Family members from this group of special ladies made the crazy trip into Philly (in torrential rainfall, no-less) & might I say they did a superb job! And with a more streamline group of volunteers from the start, TAKII 2 ~Rebirth~ was destined for greatness. Even with sporadic torrential downpours of rain towards the end, the event still had a huge turn-out & everyone couldn't stop raving about all that went down! Due in part to the weather, Japanese Fictitious Duct Tape (JFDT) had to cancel their appearance, but have assured all TAKII fans that they will appear & perform, rain or shine, at TAKII 3 ~Video Game Ecstacy~ in January 2007. After the success of TAKII 2 ~Rebirth~, I (D-chan) was contacted by The Rotunda, Philly's premier community venue spot, to host BOTH seasons of TAKII for 2007 at their facilities, which is a HUGE testament to all of you out there who have come out to TAKII before & made a huge noise about it before. I promise you all nothing but the best in future TAKII celebrations & thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the perfect end of the 2006 TAKII season! See you in 2007!