On January 13th, 2007, TAKII 3 ~Video Game Ecstacy~ was held in our brand new venue (The Rotunda) with very modest expectations. We weren't sure if people would adjust well to the venue change, or if TAKII popularity would increase or decrease. However, we had people arriving already by 10:30am EST that day & it was only the beginning for something that ended up being summed up by 2 words: beautifully extreme! Attendance presumptions were shattered by a couple-hundred people, the "TAKII 3 Show" had some ferocious competition (as well as judges ^-^), each of our multiple festivities were hot, the live performances were wonderful (& memorable ^_*), & our larger-than-life DDR tournaments on a huge projection screen as a part of the "TAKII Wild Card" festivity of the night went off without a hitch! This season's theme song was "True.... (Trance Sunrise Mix)", by Riyu Kosaka (from DDR 6th Mix) & the theme character(s) were the cast from the Phoenix Wright game series. This season also marked the 1st time the fusion festival was specially featured in an internationally-syndicated newspaper, The Metro!

TAKII 3 was yet another blossoming blessing for everyone involved!! Special "DOMO ARIGATOU" goes out to the media & their assistance to spreading the good word of TAKII to distances once unheard-of (Philly Weekly, Philly Metro, Star Ledger Of NJ, & Spin Magazine, to name a few), to the countless forums & online groups that allowed me & my Co-Coordinators to post our press releases & continuous updates (cause it wasn't spamming, I swear it LOL), The Rotunda & allowing us to grow to new heights in a new venue, & most of all, my Co-Coordinators. This group of very close friends that I have made TAKII what it is today. Without their love, imaginative spirit, & commitment, this fusion festival would be a distant memory. It would only end up being 4 weeks later that TAKII 4 ~Rhythm D-Generation X-Treme~ would be announced!