Founded in October 2006, the TAKII World Tour has been & continues to be the innovator for taking any given Asian-themed event "to the extreme" as an extension of the infamously-popular The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational. Here at the "TAKII World Tour Archive", we recreate what it was like for organizers & fans alike to experience the "TAKII Show", "Say WTF Karaoke", special guest appearances & performance, plus a plethora of other fusion festival-exclusive festivities that "the house of hardcore Asian culture appreciation" brought to any given function. Designed similar to our "TAKII Archive", the "TAKII World Tour Archive" will feature previews, reviews, & multimedia from each event/convention. If after enjoying these Archives you are inspired to have TAKII at your organization's next event, please visit our official "TAKII World Tour" page for more info! Without further ado, let's pay tribute to the events & conventions that have played host to the TAKII World Tour: