Organized & staffed by Penn State University's Penn State Anime Organization, Setsucon is the area's premier Anime convention. Held close to where Otakon got its start in the early 1990s, Setsucon is enjoyed on a yearly basis (usually around January) at the State College Days Inn in State College, PA. After hearing about the success of TAKII ~Ichiban~ & TAKII 2 ~Rebirth~ through's forums, Setsucon 2007's Chairwoman, Annette, contacted D-chan & asked for not only the TAKII World Tour to have a presence, but also for advice on how to run an Asian-themed event differently from everyone else. No doubt TAKII wasn't the only organization she ended up getting info from, but it was awfully humbling for a Chairperson of another similar festival/convention like TAKII to ask how to run an "extreme" event! Having been at the very 1st Setsucon in 2007 & a subsequent celebration in 2008, the TAKII World Tour was a perfect fit for this convention & its group of well-organized & very respectful staff. TAKII fans who ended up attending Setsucon were able to remark about quite a few of the similarities between the 2 festivals/conventions, including but not limited to the intimate atmosphere & the intense energy of the con-goers! Setsucon is 1 of the TAKII World Tour's most favorite places to perform & it will always hold a special place in the heart of "the world's most extreme Asian culture fusion festival" ^_^.