Shikkaricon was an anime convention that took place in Newtown, PA at Bucks County Community College & produced by volunteers & friends from the Bucks County Community College Anime Club (aka BC3 Anime Club). For each year that it took place (November 11th, 2006 & October 27th, 2007), the TAKII World Tour was invited to participate & take over coordinating the music & entertainment aspects of the con! Taking TAKII out of the equation for the time being, Shikkaricon also featured multiple video game tournaments, a wide variety of dealers & artists, a "make your own ramen" station, celebrity guests, & a group of staffers that was a shining example of professionalism. The convention would typically run from the early part of the afternoon (12pm EST or so) until later on at night (around 10pm EST or so) & it would be packed with a couple hundred people at all times. Unfortunately, due to members of the club who created Shikkaricon graduating from Bucks County Community College & other logistical issues, a future Shikkaricon was put on hold indefinitely. You can, however, enjoy discussing what was Shikkaricon through our own "TAKII Forum", as well as their official Shikkaricon Forums. Aaaand if you are a TAKII attendee, you can see Amanda Walker, former Shikkaricon Chairwoman, as a special guest judge & performer at many seasons of The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational!