On the convention scene since April 2004, T-MODE was founded by Lawrence & Renee Stuckey (Chairman & Co-Chairwoman respectively) & took place in the general vicinity of the Metro Washington, D.C. area on a yearly basis. It promoted fierce, but friendly competitions in all realms of otaku fandom by way of some high-quality guest performers & industry professionals, a sweet gaming room, & a dedicated set of passionate staffers, to name only a few endearing qualities of this special convention. After having been a fan of TAKII at a distance since TAKII ~Ichiban~, Lawrence reached out to D-chan & his Team TAKII Coalition in hopes of cultivating what would become a mutually beneficial & inspiring partnership. By early 2008, The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational would end up releasing a press release, touting the new pairing of the TAKII World Tour & T-MODE, featuing many flattering & humbling quotes from T-MODE's Chairman.

It wouldn't be long before the commencement of TAKII 5 ~Shin Seiki (Neon Genesis)~ that the anime world would be rocked hard with the news that Lawrence Stuckey suddenly passed away sometime around March 12th, 2008. Determined to do what it could to help Renee & her 2 beautiful children honor the memory of their loved one through T-MODE, the TAKII World Tour embarked on a no-limits pursuit of "the extreme" through not only festivities like the "TAKII Show" & "Ota-Rave", but by providing assistance & a shoulder for the immediate Stuckey family to lean on in their time of need. Shortly before this "Historic Archives" page was erected, it was announced that while T-MODE 2009 wasn't going to happen, T-MODE 2010 was certainly in the works! No matter how long T-MODE is around, we want the world to know that the TAKII World Tour, & moreover the Team TAKII Coalition & Family, will be there for them!