One of the most important things to the continued success of The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational has been the support of its admirers & fans, the TAKII faithful -- those who stand up for what they believe in & take it to the extreme. Together, we believe in the no-limits pursuit of appreciation for the Asian culture, doing things that others can imitate, but never duplicate. Throw in priceless sponsorships & collaborations with individuals & from groups around the world & you come up with a hardcore fusion festival party for the ages....& we want you to be a part of it by becoming a member of the Team TAKII Coalition! Depending on your level of Team TAKII Coalition Membership (determined after you fill out our "Team TAKII Coalition Apps" form below), you can earn yourself perks such as mentions on our website, exclusive advertising abilities, festival discounts, an invite to our bi-annual staff celebrations, & much more! What started out as no more than a little dream is now a massive reality, thanks to your continued support. No matter how you are able to assist us, we thank you in advance for your desire to join us in making history, 1 season at a time.







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