The financial lifeblood of TAKII, "Contender's Passes" & "Table Slots" will make you über-sexy. Don't delay, pre-reg TODAY!!!!



The ONLY way to enter a season of TAKII is with a #1 Contender's Pass! And as many TAKII faithful have come to realize, pre-regging ahead of time saves you not only money, but peace of mind in knowing that you have reserved yourself a shot at Asian-themed infamy at The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational! As a #1 Contender's Pass pre-registrant, you can expect to enjoy the following exclusive benefits: BECOMING ELIGIBLE for random pre-TAKII giveaways (NOTE: "Pre-Reg Specials" drawings are done on the last day of a deadline), HAVING A CHANCE to attend our über-swanky "Domo Arigatou" post-TAKII party, GAINING ACCESS to recyclable raffle tickets & our "Raffle Royale" festivity, BEING ABLE to take advantage of all perks that standard #1 Contender's Pass holders enjoy, & MORE!


Being a Vendor Table Slot pre-registrant has its own perks, too: MAKE MONEY & FRIENDS showing off & selling your Asian-themed swag, OBTAIN AN EXCELLENT WAY to reach a pricelessly-rabid fanbase, EXHIBIT YOUR SKILLS for some cheap thrills, & EARN 2 FREE #1 Contender's Passes for each Table Slot you pre-reg! Last, but certainly not least, your purchase of a Pass or Vendor Table Slot allows TAKII to have the resources necessary to make this season, & every one after it, all the more extreme!




To be able to enter any season of The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational, it is REQUIRED that you purchase an über-sexy, "can't leave home without it", #1 Contender's Pass! They can be purchased online (by pre-regging at discount rates), or on the day of TAKII ("at-door", but at standard prices). Besides entry to TAKII, your purchase of a Pass includes the following perks: a spiffy badge featuring this season's theme, UNLIMITED ACCESS to most of our festivities, DISCOUNTS to some of our Team TAKII affiliates & sponsors, FREE pre-reg giveaways, & PLENTY MORE! Done away are the days of having to pay for each gaming tourney separately (unless otherwise specified), or needing to beg your mom for that extra moolah to perform in the "TAKII Show" -- just flash your #1 Contender's Pass when you sign up for a competition & you're ready, steady, (to) go!



Now for those of you who enjoy selling your own swag, or displaying your own skilled works of art, then reserve Vendor Table Slots (enabling you to be featured in our "Dealer's Dominion", or "Community Centrale") for TAKII! Due in large part to the popularity of wanting a table, slots are limited & available only on a 1st come-1st served basis. Quoting 1 of our most faithful vendors, Anime Sunrise, "TAKII was the 1st Asian-themed festival/convention that I purchased a Vendor Table Slot for & it was the best decision I could have made! Vendors are made to be just as integral a part of the action as the attendees & trust me, we just can't get enough of this extreme experience! DOMO!!" Please keep in mind that Vendor Table Slots are only available online; fees applicable are based on a sliding scale of varied discount criteria. To reserve your Slot (& the 2 FREE #1 Contender's Passes that are included per table), you go to the same place that #1 Contender's Pass patrons go; it's all that simple!



The Hardcore Handbook (contained in everyone's Hardcore Handbag) is your key to celebratory awesomeness for TAKII! It's just like any other programming book you would find at other like-minded functions/conventions, but its value is unmatched in the realm of Asian-themed fandom. Featuring guest & performer bios, event schedules, autograph panels, & other TAKII-exclusive sexiness, it's the perfect compliment to everyone's fusion festival experience. Everyone is encouraged to print out/download a copy of the Hardcore Handbook prior to their arrival, as other versions of this guide would only be available at-the-door in limited quantities.