Participating in TAKII also means that you legally pre-authorize PDNMZ Empire "Terms & Conditions" to be in full effect, in tandem.



As TAKII attendees, you hereby agree to abide by all rules & regulations, as set forth by PDNMZ, TAKII Co-Coordinators, & venue staff. Registrations to TAKII & its various events are final, non-refundable, & non-transferable. No alcoholic libations (drinks) or drugs are allowed at any time during the actual TAKII event. If you need to smoke, please do so on the designated parameters & away from TAKII event-goers. Edibles & libations of the Asian & American persuasions will be available to you through the course of TAKII, as long as you throw away your trash in the proper reciprocals (aka don't put your trash on the floor ^_^ lol). While security is provided, you are responsible for keeping track of your belongings & monies at all times. Miscellaneous items found during the TAKII event will be held in our "lost & found" (for a limited period of time) until the rightful owner makes their claim to TAKII Co-Coordinators. And this goes without saying, the Golden Rule holds true: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Arrange meet-ups, have after-parties, & go wild, but respect the rights & feelings of others at the same time.



As for anyone who plans on playing any & all video games, anything not provided by TAKII itself will be turned away respectfully & banned (ie: your own games, controllers, or save data on a memory card). All other standard rules of gamer conduct apply at all times. When it comes to being a TAKII cosplayer, you agree to not carry with you real &/or dangerous weapons (such as real guns, katana blades, kunai, & the like), or dressing completely naked (c'mon now, kids come to these things ^_^ haha). But seriously, use your head when cosplaying (common sense + imaginative cosplaying = good time @ TAKII). Fake weapons that can be permissible include those made of plastic, paper mache, & the like. Weapons that are interpreted as potentially dangerous will be temporarily confiscated by TAKII security until the conclusion of the TAKII event. If you are entering a cosplay contest, we ask that you abide to the rule set forth & arrive in a timely manner for the event; we cannot hold your spot for you if you are outstandingly late. It is also encouraged that you bring a needle, some thread, & some tape (in case you need an emergency costume fix). Additionally, if you plan on cosplaying, please come to the TAKII event in your costume. On-site dressing rooms/bathrooms will be available for general use in case you need to change after you arrive to TAKII on a limited basis.



As a dealer &/or exhibitionist for TAKII, you agree to the terms & conditions of being able to do so, as set forth by TAKII Co-Coordinators. Registrations to be a dealer &/or exhibitionist are final, non-refundable, & non-transferable. Your registration is considered accepted when you complete the registration form & send in your registration fee, at which point you will get a confirmation. TAKII-provided tables measure approximately 6 feet x 2.5 feet. We reserve the right to alter your table size & specifications, with or without notice, at the sole discretion of TAKII. TAKII Co-Coordinators & security will be more than happy to assist you in setting up your table(s) &/or panel(s), but you are responsible for keeping track of your items & monies. Among other things, you are responsible for procuring the necessary materials to record & facilitate the sale of your goods &/or produce your panel. If you have special needs that need to be addressed, please contact TAKII Co-Coordinators far enough in advance. Also, for those who wish to have an "X-Treme X-Posé" panel at a season of TAKII, you must be a pre-registrant in good standing (ie: all fees have been paid, etc.) by the time your panel application is submitted. After your panel occurs & that season of TAKII ends, you will be refunded your pre-registration fees within 4 weeks, if not considerably sooner.



As well as these regulations, each event is subject to its own posted rules. Local, state, & federal laws are in full effect at all times & violators are subject to prosecution under the fullest extent of the law. Portions of TAKII, including, but not limited to the schedule, are subject to change with or without notice. Attendees under the age of 18 either will be accompanied by someone who is 18+ years old or will have the permission of their parent/legal guardian to attend (especially for age-specific programming). Anyone providing time &/or resources to TAKII, including, but not limited to Team TAKII Coalition Members, does so with the acknowledgment that TAKII, as well as its parent & sibling associations, be indemnified from any & all occurrences that result in the loss or depreciation of said virtual &/or actual materials & services (beyond what is covered in any archived, contractual agreements you make with us); forfeiture of said agreement(s) under your own advisement is subject to recourse within the fullest extent of the law. For anything being sold by TAKII (material, symbolic, or otherwise), any & all fees applicable are non-refundable & non-transferable. Your attendance of any TAKII event gives PDNMZ the right to use your image/likeness for, but not limited to promotional & archival purposes. Contest submissions of any kind become property of TAKII & PDNMZ, with due credit given to the creator when appropriate. Intellectual property not owned by PDNMZ & TAKII is credited to the original individual/entity. All other event & venue-specific rules apply at all times, with more info available in our "Forum". The authority of TAKII Coordinators is not subject to discussion. Decisions made by TAKII, including, but not limited to contest results, can be upheld or reversed at any time, with or without notice. Anyone found in violation of any of these rules will be subject to immediate ejection from the TAKII event & any other appropriate recourse as decided by TAKII without question.